It is my honor

These are my private memoirs given to you through my eyes. I explore the realm of submission, as a black woman; with honesty and a little bit of humor.




You know that feeling you get when you need some dick really bad? It’s like an internal itch that you can’t scratch until there’s a nice big cock inside of you. I get this itch almost every week, but especially the week before that time of the month. The crazy thing is, i don’t even need to cum, i just need it inside of me. Filling every inch. Hitting every wall. Sometimes i wonder if the itch will become more than just an itch. What if i can’t satisfy it anymore? Maybe i will need more than one? You know what i mean.



Will that even be enough to satisfy this hunger i feel? Sometimes i wonder.

Okay now wait a minute…

I think we are starting to get back into the groove of things. We’ve had sex 5 out of 6 days in the past week. That makes me happy. We still haven’t touched on the subject of submission, but at this point, I think it is something we will have to take VERY slowly. There are just too many factors that we deal with on a daily basis, the last thing we want to do is punish and submit.

One interesting thing i have been doing is researching swingers clubs in our area. There’s a session in January that I want to hit up for a free month’s membership! I’m excited about that. The people look good too.

Needless to say, life is consistently calling us and dragging us back in. It’s been about a month and half being back together and it seems like we are finding ourselves again. Until next time….

white flag

i guess we are done trying (if you can even call it that) our bdsm. since I’ve been here i feel like it’s one sided. there really was no effort. once i noticed the lack of effort, i stopped trying as hard but now I’m completely done. today i was chastised in front my friends, which is on my hard list. it was embarrassing and I’m over it. maybe this will be my last post. who knows. but for now, these are my emotions.


I feel like I’m being punished for something I don’t know I did. Why is he denying me sex? I’m getting quite irritated at this point. The oral play we had last night was beyond amazing, but it’s just a tease. It’s like giving me the appetizer but not the full meal. I will look on the bright side though; Daddy is the only one that can make me cum with his tongue 😉