The last month has been hectic; Kids starting school, I’m working, and we’re all trying to figure out how to co-exist with each other again. Parental duties get the best of us sometimes, so we don’t have much time for play. When we do, it is amazing. I promise that once it picks up, I will have some good content for you guys. I just want to share something that happened the other day.

Riding in the car on our way to work, Daddy and I were talking about something and I raised my hand to his face and swatted at him like I was going to hit him. I stopped less than an inch from his nose and tapped him, pretty lightly I might add. He chastised me and popped me. I got so upset because THAT was the first time he had ever punished me. I immediately started crying, which I think freaked him out. He started asking me what was wrong. I told him he can’t just choose when to punish me, (which in hindsight, he can). I just thought it wasn’t fair that out of all the other shit I’ve been doing, this one “joke” that I feel like didn’t deserve a punishment because we always play like that, was the one I get punished for. I was so angry. He kept rubbing my leg and apologizing, telling me he would be more consistent. Needless to say, I shouldn’t do that again because I don’t want another reaction like that and I don’t like crying.

I just need a mini vacation. Some of that time I want to spend with daddy alone for a day. The other part I want all to myself, to get a massage or something peaceful. I’ve been going on full throttle, as does He, and I know we are needing a break.

That’s all for now love bugs.



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