For those of you that are curious about the lifestyle, or even have questions about how i maintain being a sub to Sir, I have listed my rules underneath for your viewing pleasure. One HUGE misconception is that a submissive lets her Dom/Domme do any and everything He/She wants to them. This is untrue. I wrote the contract and He added in what he wanted from me. I revised and disagreed or agreed. The number one most important thing about a Dom/sub relationship is to have two consenting adults. There should be no gray area at all! He knows my limits and i know his. Hopefully this is clarifying enough to give you insight into our world. Enjoy!

The following are rules for the submissive, herein known as “she”.  These rules are to be followed at all times when it is socially and acceptable.  Such times will be determined by Him.

  • Safety
    • my safeword is “red”. my Master will always stop immediately when i say this word. i may also, if getting close to my limits, say “yellow”. my Master will not necessarily stop at the “yellow” warning, but will judge how to use this information. He may choose to ease off or change activities, but this is solely up to Him.
    • A limit is defined as something to be pushed and explored.
    • Work, children, and educational endeavors override all rules.
  • General
    • I will submit to the will of my Master, and accept his authority over my own. it is my purpose to obey and please my Master.
    • When He enters a room, she is to kneel when appropriate. When inappropriate she is to reach out and make physical contact.  If that is not possible, she is to make eye contact.  At times that this creates discomfort (kneeling) or there are others (kids, family, etc.) around she will continue as though nothing changed but at the earliest opportunity she will signal her submissiveness by bowing her head.
    • When He enters a room and they are alone, she is to kneel. She should be dressed in the appropriate attire and ask “How may I serve you?”
    • Being tired is not an excuse for failing to perform her duties.
    • she will maintain a written list of the things that make her the most uncomfortable, self-conscious, or embarrassed.  Once an item is on the list, she will not be afraid of the possibility of being forced to perform them; but will be able to request to stop after trying them.
    • I am always in submission to my Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at any time, in any place, under any circumstances.
    • I am allowed to make friends with whomever I choose, so long as that friendship is not toxic. If my friendship with someone changes my behaviors, mannerisms, other relationships for the worse, then Master may tell me to either limit my time with that person, or cut them out altogether.
    • I must always give thanks to Master for all I am given, immediately after receiving what he has given me. This includes gifts, privileges and punishments and of course, gifts.
    • I will confess any transgressions I may have made to Master and he will decide if such violations require punishment. I must accept whatever decision he makes and thank him for his choice
    • She may not give any sass, attitude or back talk; however she should feel free to respectfully express her opinion and regard Master’s as the authoritative voice in all matters
    • Any feeling of anger, fear or other counter-productive emotion will be expressed to my Master in order that He may find a way to correct these feelings. It is my duty to do so.
  • Caring for Him
    • He will be addressed as Sir.
    • As His alarm clock, she will wake him up by sucking His cock.
    • she is to be sitting in a submissive position whenever possible, including when He  enters a room she is in. i may not get up until given permission to do so. If Master is upset with me, he may ignore me for a bit before discussing whatever I’ve done to upset him — while I’m in the slave position — before allowing me to get up.
    • Sitting at her Master’s feet, unless given permission to do otherwise.
    • Asking “Sir, do you have any needs that I may serve?”
    • Taking the opportunity to offer various parts of her body in hope that He will take pleasure in using her.
    • she will be available and prepared for sexual service whenever He wishes.
    • she will wash, fold, iron and put away His clothes so He is prepared for the day.
  • Home Responsibilities
    • she is the primary person responsible for the cleanliness of the home.  It is expected to be kept neat and organized. . The kitchen counters are to be cleaned off, the dishwasher loaded and running (if needed) and the sinks empty, every night before my bed time. Punishment for not completing this task is that I have to stay up later to do these things and I am not permitted to use modern technology to help with my chores (no dishwasher, music while I work, etc.) There are, or course, nights where this does not happen and I simply am too tired, too sick or even not home to ensure this task is completed. Master will address each of these issues as they arise, and administer punishments further (if needed) as he sees fit. Just as if I am sick (or it’s my birthday/special event) he will tell me that it is not necessary and the task can wait til the following day.
    • I am to keep a schedule of everyone’s activities and update it often. It is my job to ensure that this house runs smoothly and that everyone gets to their appointments on time and safely.
    • Sweeping and mopping of high traffic areas (the kitchen, the dining room, and the Florida room) is to be done daily.
  • In Private
    • she will kneel and present her leather collar without asking after the children have gone to bed or when children are not home. Her uniform will consist of the collar and any specific items that Sir selects beyond that.
    • When He is home with her and no children are present, she will dress in her maid uniform as she maintains the home.
  • Clothing
    • At all times she will maintain her uniform.  In private this will consist of  a leather collar.
    • she is encouraged to show off her body through the use of form fitting clothing.  
    • At night when in private she shall be nude with anal beads inserted, when appropriate; in the presence of others and children she may wear a nightgown
    • she will not cover herself in additional layers when swimming or exercising.  
    • she will wear as little clothing as is appropriate for the season and event.
  • Personal hygiene
    • she may request to wear makeup as she desires
    • she will keep her nails neat, buffed, and polished, the color is up to her.
    • she will keep herself shaved and neat at all times.
    • When selecting to color her hair, she will seek approval prior to having a new color applied.
    • she will maintain her hair in a style that makes her feel sexy and has been approved by Him.
    • she will follow all normal hygiene habits
    • she will exercise and eat appropriately to ensure that she is pleased with her body.  This is to include:
      • Exercise at least four days a week for at least 30mins including exercises to tone muscles across her body. No exceptions unless Master expressly gives them. He will decide if and when I am too ill, too tired or too busy to complete my workouts.
      • Kegel exercises daily.
    • NO snacking between meals, to prevent unhealthy habits
  • Sexual
    • He is deviant in His sexual ways.  she will work hard to encourage this through words and actions.
    • Bondage and spankings are not always to be considered correctional in nature.
    • she will ask before she is to masturbate. when approved she will let Him know when she is doing so.  That way He can elect to watch.
    • I am granted to cum as I please in most circumstances, but I am to ask for permission anyway if Master is there with me.
    • Sexual acts are first and foremost to please Master. Her needs and desires are secondary.
    • Her position whenever alone is kneeling, positioned in a way the her mouth is on Master’s dick and eyes fixated on Master’s eyes, waiting approval to begin blow-job
    • Master’s cum must never go to waste. I will do whatever he asks with it and then I will swallow it all.
    • As part of our devotion to each other, i am not permitted to engage in any sexual behavior or act with another man or woman unless specifically directed by Him.
  • Correction
    • The edge of the bed will be used for correction.  He will tell her how to position herself.
    • Correction will be explained prior to being enacted.
    • Correction will be delivered immediately, if in public this will not involve the bed but another form of correction as he sees fit.

This document will be modified at any time by Him and any updates will be communicated to her prior to being required.

Failure to follow the rules of this document will result in punishment to be selected by Him.  As submissive, she will want the punishment for her actions and willingly accept what she has earned.



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