It’s 11 o’clock. I have homework to do, but I keep falling asleep.

My dress, hiked up to show a little bit of my behind. Just enough to tease him

I wake up and close my computer. I can’t do anymore.

I move toward the couch in a heavy daze and sit in between Daddy’s legs; I continue to drift in and out of consciousness

I start to dream about Him playing with me, teasing me.

It has been so long. I long for his touch more and more, but my thoughts haven’t been turned into actions

I can feel His arms move over my shoulders, down the inside of my dress, and grab my breasts. He plays with my nipples making them stiffen beneath his fingers. Intense sensations course their way through my body. From my pelvis, up to my belly, and back to my nipples. My body writhes under his touch. Every roll of his fingers makes me want to explode. This dream is so good, but i begin to wake. I don’t want to wake from my dream. I’m finally getting action. My body betrays me and i wake up anyway. That’s when i realize that i wasn’t dreaming.

I can feel the warmth of his hands caressing my breast. His breath on my neck. I can’t help but to moan and i feel Him get stiff, pressing in between my shoulder blades.

I turn around and put Him in my mouth. He tastes so good. I can feel the blood rushing through Him. I can feel the desperation and the frustration waiting to cum out.

In His impatience, He pushes my head down, gagging me over and over, only giving me little air until my throat explodes with spit. I look up at Him and I can see the intensity in His eyes. He loves this, I know. His moaning makes my body tremble. I can feel myself get wetter. He stands up and continues choking me. My throat, spraying His legs and onto the floor. He gently lifts my head so that I can see Him. My mouth is wide open as he slowly enters my mouth, touching the back of my throat.

As He leaves my mouth, I start to get excited because I know what is coming next. He tells me to bend over. I put my face on the ground, ass in the air, and open myself up to Him. He reaches under me and massages my juices to my rear and He quickly inserts Himself into my behind. I let out a loud cry, both pain and ecstasy. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I crave Him, I need Him like this. Carnal desire…

He tells me to get my toy. I do.

He fucks me in both holes, but then i begin to realize that I can’t take anymore. I forget all rules. Instead of saying “Red” I said “I cant..” I feel Him pound me harder, chastising me as he does. I couldn’t help myself. I lost all sense of the rules.

I move to the couch, thinking that would help me relax. I haven’t had it in so long that I’m completely overwhelmed.

I put the toy down and grip the couch. I relish in the fact that I have Him deep inside of me. Completely in control of me. My mind drifting into oblivion when i feel him pull back. I turn to face Him. My Daddy. My lover. I invite Him to release on me. Release His frustrations. His anxiety. His anger. Release it all onto me. I look Him in His eyes and speak to Him. Inviting Him once more.

I embrace His gift to me…reminding me how much he loves me and that I am all His…


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