Seven days

Seven days until He and i are in each others breathing space.

It has been over a quarter of a year since I’ve seen Him, smelled Him, or felt Him.

and in seven days i can embrace Him, inhale Him…serve Him

My body is craving his touch like starved little child.

i have dreams about what He will do to me; What He will say

I hope my submissiveness is enough that He won’t turn me away

I have grown impatient with time.

Time is against me right now. Making every minute longer.

I look at the clock; the minute hand seems to take its time ticking to the next line.

I know I have to be patient a little while longer

but this time isn’t making me stronger; it’s making me weak

breaking me down so i’m able to bow at His feet

my mind has been on loop, replaying the last time we made love

I can remember so vividly like it was the night before

i hate to wake up; i’m addicted, i need more

only seven more days and i can call Him by name

look into His eyes; stare deep in His soul

i want to let Him know that i need Him; i’m under His control

I willingly give myself to you with no shame

but I have to keep telling myself…

only seven more days


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