Verbal humiliation

I would accept this as a punishment but it’s not something that would turn me on. Check out this guide to humiliation.

Voice training

For me, this is a little juvenile. I just dont see the point in it. I would feel extremely stupid sounding like a little girl with a soft voice. Maybe!! Just maybe he could voice train me to a Caribbean accent, or a region from Africa..then I’d do that shit


Water torture

of course, i Google it and this is what i see


no thanks, i am deathly afraid of water. i like showers, but not by a fire hose

Weight gain

no, im trying to lose weight, why would i want to put that shit back on? plus Sir doesn’t like fat people


So, this completes my hard limit list. In the process of writing this, i have discovered that there were some things on here that i would love to try (or already have, but i didn’t know what the terms were for it). I hope I didn’t offend anyone. My goal was to make light of some really dark situations that could arise, being a submissive. I fully understand that some of these acts are part of others lifestyles. What are some of your hard limits and why? I’d love to hear what things you would try that are on this list.


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