Saran wrapping

As long as i dont end up looking like this..


i actually think i may try this..check out Fuck Yea Saran Wrap’s tumbler page. I got turned on listening to his pet moan.

Scratching – getting

i dont mind a little scratching, especially when you’re getting fucked right but i dont like the idea of having physical evidence left as a reminder..that shit aint sexy


Scratching – giving

i dont want DNA under my fingernails

Shaving (head hair)

i dont imagine sir would go though with this, he doesn’t even like when i clip my hair in real life

Sleep deprivation

with kids, this is a no brainer, HOWEVER, i need my sleep or i will be one crabby bitch


It’s like going to a fucked up sleep over, where you sleep in modified body bags



giphy (3)

Check out this link

Standing in corner

like i’m a child on punishment?


every time i come across something i don’t know, i Google. As im waiting for my computer to load, im praying “please don’t be stupid, please dont be stupid” and i look up……………it’s stupid


Straight jackets


if my kids dont already make me feel crazy, let’s put me in a straight jacket to bring it full circle!

Suspension (inverted)

blood rushing to my brain….no thanks

Swallowing urine and Swallowing feces

200 (2)



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