Harems (serving w/other subs)

This is basically a bunch of subs serving one Master. This reminds me of slavery…and I’m ProBlack


Harnessing (rope)

I went to a college class a couple years ago and there was a couple there in the lifestyle. He tied her up with rope and suspended her. She was in total bliss, but her body looked like she was in a ton of pain. So this is not for me. PLUS im a bigger woman so i’m not quite sure that shit is going to hold me up


No. Still creepy

Hot waxing

BAHAHAHAHA his face is worth a thousand NO’S


Human puppy dog

Did you forget this?


Humiliation (public)

Per our rules, i may bow before him but i am never to be looked down on. I am ALL for Him embarrassing me in private, behind our own closed doors. He MAY NOT humiliate me in front of my children, family/friends, or strangers. I am still a strong BLACK WOMAN. I am His Queen. What punishment he gives me is between us and for no one else to lay their eyes and ears upon.


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