He knows what he’s doing. He has me wrapped around his fingers like a fucking ring. This is supposed to be a sort of rant, but it may not come out that way.

I am ashamed, but turned on at the same time.

See, he told me he wants me to something I am uncomfortable with. I said i would do it but not sure if i’d like it, and do you what he said to me?? He said,

” I guess you’re not the slut i thought you were.”

I instantly felt ashamed and i wanted to please him and i said,

“No! I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t mean it. I take it back. I am your slut. I will not disappoint you.”

He says,

“No its okay, i understand. Ur a slut of convenience. Ur just a sheltered girl who experimented in college.”


I told him that im not and he said,

“its ok love, u dont have to be something ur not. i understand. not a big deal”

so my dumbass says,


“Please i can do it!”

What the fuck is wrong with me?? I am completely confused and inside i am cracking up because this Man has this control over my mind and my body and I fucking love it! He just made me beg for his forgiveness because i was uncomfortable. WHAT?! He is a little too good at this Dom thing.


6 thoughts on “A little too good??

  1. That sounds like it’s flirting with the line between consensual mindfucks and coerced consent. If both parties aren’t honest about what they want and what their limits are, it is not informed consent.

    If this kind of mind fuckery is negotiated and a part of your dynamic, rock on and have fun. But as a reader without much context, it sounds like you’re being manipulated and pressured into going past your limits.

    Sorry to be a downer. :-/


    1. lol i understand how that must sound. but we have it all written out in our limitations. its one of those things that i would try, id just prefer not to. so its not necessarily a hard limit for me, so we decided that i would try them at least once.

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      1. As I said, if it’s part of your dynamic, rock out and carry on. Or something to that effect. 🙂

        God, I can’t believe I’m turning into the safety police. Makes me feel like I’m getting old somehow.


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