Cages (locked inside of)

Im not an animal so you will not treat me as such

llkki human-cage5


I dont even like the hospital putting these torture devices in me so what makes you think i want your untrained ass doing it??

Cells/Closets (locked inside of)

The idea just doesn’t turn me on..i dont know what the point is anyway

Chamber pot use

using the bathroom in a potty or a bed pan


side note: I used a bedpan when i was pregnant. it was the most disrespectful thing i have ever done. I do not like being that helpless.

Chastity belts

I bet you didn’t know these were real? I dont like wearing underwear so this is definitely too much for me. How are they supposed to use the bathroom?

Chromed-Jail-House-MCD--3-Rings-Included-chastity-belt FemaleSteelChastityBelt


I originally thought i would try this but after doing some research i think i may let that dream die. See what i saw here

Competitions (with other Subs) 

Scenes involving competitive-type sports or play with other submissives. i like being competitive, i just don’t know if i’m ready to show off my role to the world.


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