continuing on from my hard limit list and why

Bathroom use control

No. You are not going to tell me when i can and cant use the fucking bathroom, but if you’re into that kind of shit, check out this tumbler page


This is so ridiculous that there aren’t any pictures of real people performing this (im pretty sure this is illegal everywhere) they have cartoons depicting this horrific act…im not even going to put a picture up here. Seriously, who is going around fucking Lassie??

<Side note…i lied..there are pictures…>

Breath control

Otherwise known as “safe strangulation” Queer Kink gives instructions on how to perform this safely. Again, i’m not into the feeling of being strangled.

Branding… just saw some fucked up shit

Boot worship

From what i’ve seen, this mostly pertains to male subs and Dommes. Bro, i’m not licking your boot. Where they been tho? Kickin up rocks i suppose. You put your boot in my face if you want to, ima look at you like


Brown showers (scat)



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