For the next few posts, I’m going to touch on what my hard limits are and why they are hard limits for me. For those of you that dont know what a hard limit is;

Hard limit: What someone absolutely will not do, usually non-negotiable (may or may not be subject to change over time)

I am pretty flexible when it comes to most things and i WILL try most things at least once, but these are forbidden in my eyes, at least for now

Let’s start with the A’s


I imagine this to be with sandpaper for some reason. when googling the term, it doesn’t seem as bad until i get to;

“You can start off with something as innocent as a hairbrush and if you use this over your volunteer’s bottom again and again – eventually it’s going to get very sensitive. If you keep going, just a hot breath or a single, light fingernail trail will have your sub jumping up like’s she’s been shot.”  -courtesy Adam & Eve of Greensboro

The problem with this type of play is that I DONT LIKE THE SENSATION OF BEING SHOT! I already have an immense fear of being shot so WHY would i want to pretend? This is just too much. Plus, i like my skin the way it is. I dont want any kind of scars from skin having been rubbed off. I have enough marks on my knees from falling off my bike when i was a kid and quite possibly rug burn from being on my knees, if you catch my drift 😉

Animal roles   

Absofuckinglutely not…this picture speaks for itself


Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders)    

i dont quite like the idea of my arms being behind my back in this fashion, but after looking at it, i think i may try this in the future.



I googled “BDSM Asphyxiation” before i wrote anything…this shit is crazy. First of all there is a difference between choking me while you are in the moment and fucking killing me! I mean, look at this shit…

db110727_rain_de_grey fc028ca8e8f967db57abc570c8d5edac

Im not trying to take away from anyone’s fetish and enjoyment of this act, but this is too much. My very first reaction was, “look at these idiots.” I feel bad, because someone out there really loves this shit..but thats why its BDSM.


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