Last night i was listening to the almighty and powerful (sarcasm), Dr. Umar Johnson. I absolutely adore him and respect him for what he does for our community. I was was watching his interview on the breakfast club about the issues within the Black community. One of the topics he touched on was LGBT and other lifestyles related to that. He believes that people are not born gay, they are learned behaviors (he’s a psychologist). I don’t disagree with that at all. He goes on to say that when people say they were born gay, they are saying there is a gene mutation that makes them that way AND IF you say that, then you are saying that pedophelia, necrophelia, any other “sexual preference” is a mutation in genes and that it should be considered normal behavior. He equates that chosen lifestyle to being touched or molested at a young age (especially in that of young men) AND the lack of a father being in the home is the catalyst for these “actions.” Men are missing their father’s presence so it leads to them wanting to fuck the, i don’t know but he went totally left with the conversation. ANYWAY then he goes on about lesbians and why they are the way they are. He starts talking about how women do things with other women because of the man in their lives. They are trying to please him AND since, there is a shortage of Black men in America (due to being incarcerated or dead), women will do anything to keep that Black man, no matter what he asks of her….

Okay let me clear this shit up before i get pissed off. I do understand what Dr. Johnson is trying to get at HOWEVER he is making a very generalized statement about why women do the things they do with other women. YES, i know some women that participate in girl on girl action because they think that it will keep their relationship together. I also know a lot of women like myself. I appreciate women. I absolutely adore the woman’s mind, body, and spirit. I do what i do because i like to do it, not because some man told me to do it. Even if Sir told me to do it, i’m not going to give up who i am because i HAVE to please him. That’s what the contract is for. He knows what i like, what i don’t like and what to steer clear of. I don’t agree that women should step out of their comfort zone, sexually, in order to keep a man. The thing about men is that, if they want to leave, they will leave. There’s nothing you can do, that is going to keep him from doing that. And if there is anyone reading this that feels like they are being pressured into a relationship like this, PLEASE, stop NOW. You do it because you really want to do it. Don’t put yourself out there because some guy thinks it’s hot. YOU need to think it’s hot!

okay..that’s my rant for the day


One thought on “Rant

  1. I stumbled upon this blog post about woman trying to please their men in order to get them to stay with them. I loved it ! Too many woman enter into dom/ sub relationships because they think that’s what HE wants. Like you I have been with women before, but that was my choice. And it was long before I met my Master. I have always found woman to be much more soft and beautiful. There is an incomparable difference to being with a woman then there is a man. My Master enjoys the idea of me being with a woman and bringing one in to join us but He would never expect or demand me to do it to make Him happy. Anal is a big no-no for me for personal reasons, and although He is extremely turned on by the thought of having me that way HE would never in a million years force me to do that. I think woman assume being submissive means doing whatever they a re told and having no say in the matter. Thank you for bringing attention to this! Keep it up!


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