From the moment i met Him, i knew he was extraordinary. He always made me feel like i was the only woman that mattered in this world. He has guided me through tough endeavors and has continued to build my confidence in myself and in Him. He is my support. He is my friend. He is my Sir.

Alright, enough of the mushy stuff. Underneath is posting of my personal commandments as Sir’s lady sub. Again, I am not a stepford wife or a robot, I’m quite rebellious actually, and i carry myself in grace and confidence, but my job is please Him first. Enjoy!

  1. Although freely giving herself as a submissive, she is His equal and is to be treated as such.
  2. she will find value in herself and be pleased with who she is.
  3. Communication will be open and bidirectional, however the word “No” does not exist for her.
  4. At all times she is to seek out ways to please Him. These will include, but are not limited to:

○ she is to be sitting at His feet, whenever she can do so without creating discomfort or discord in public or around family

○ she is to be wearing her uniform (public and private collars).

○ she is to be kneeling when He enters the room.

○ Keep their home in order.

○ Performing her duties as a sexual submissive.

  1. Following all written or oral instructions is required. If there is a question about a rule or instruction she will ask for clarification. If no questions are asked, it is assumed the requirement is understood and correction will be applied when appropriate.
  2. Correction will be provided as soon as possible and will be explained prior to its issuance.
  3. Approval will be requested prior to activities such as masturbation, cumming, entering his bed or drinking alcohol.
  4. she will maintain herself in whatever way the Master wishes, including clothing, exercising, and self-awareness.
  5. she will accept his cum wherever or however He elects to provide it and will taste, swallow, or clean It up as commanded.
  6. she is His’ most valuable possession, as such she will be:

○she is to be proud of everything she does

○ she is to take care of herself physically and mentally

○ she is to wear her collar with pride as she freely elects to submit totally to Him.

○ she is aware that her body belongs to Him and he will elect how much of it she is to show.

○ she is to be open to wearing something that makes her feel uncomfortable in public. However she may bring a change of clothing to cover herself if she becomes too uncomfortable.

○ she is to be sure to walk, sit, or stand with confidence so that others around her will admire her performance.


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