Sir ordered me to share myself with someone i know. My assignment was to write about it.

I’ve been with women before, but not quite like this. I was solo this time AND i used toys!!

The moment I stuck my fingers inside her, she came. It was..invigorating. I have to admit, I was kind of proud of myself. I have never made a woman melt under my touch before and quite frankly I had an ego boost. When she called out my name, I knew i was doing something right. It seemed to come so natural to me.

Not only did she cum, she squirted. I have never seen this shit in my life. I always imagined, but never gazed upon this loch ness monster. It was a whole different experience. I started trying different things to make it happen again. The first time, i just stuck my fingers inside her. The next time, I started playing with her nipples, licking her and fingering. It happened again! I mean, I’m having serious fun right now!!! Lastly, i used a toy. I literally fucked her, with a toy. I’m amazed at how turned on i get just thinking about it. I remember how loud she got as she climaxed. It was amazing.

I told Sir about it. I think he is pleased.


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