After my first experience with squirting, I decided to try to make myself do it.

I have always been fascinated by the liquid orgasm. Mostly because I can’t do it to myself. So last night, I was determined to make myself squirt.

I started out researching on how to do it and I found some really great tips and tricks. I mostly lack the patience so this was my biggest obstacle. I ran a nice bubble bath, got my toys and my computer and got to work. I found some interesting videos to watch to get me in the mood. I really the ones with big booties and large dicks 🙂 As Im getting in the mood, I start to play with myself and relax. Now this sounds weird, but I absolutely hate touching the inside of my vagina. This is probably the reason i cant have this type of orgasm. I don’t know my body the way that i should. So it was a learning experience for me. It didnt hurt as much as i thought it would. The worst part about this entire situation is that i am so dry down there. Im nursing and from what i understand, nursing inhibits your estrogen from building because it can effect your lactation. You need estrogen to get wet. So, I have to result to lube for the next year. Christ. It’s seriously embarrassing to have to stop what im doing just to lube up. Nevertheless, the lube made things much more interesting.

I couldnt really get the angle right in the bathtub, so i ended up sitting on the toilet seat to move things along. I found that rough spot and pressed hard and i could feel that “i gotta pee” sensation. As im pressing on the Gspot, i am massaging my clitoris. I have to admit that this feels quite amazing. I can feel whatever it is, building up inside of me. I decide to use my toy to help push things on and OH BOY does it! Im seriously about to explode at any second and i have to remember to keep relaxed and push not pull back. It is the most frustrating thing to do because when i climax, i tense up, just because it feels so good. So to go the opposite route and relax, is utterly annoying. I really dont think i was using the toy very long before i felt the urge to let it go. I pulled the toy out, kept massaging my clitoris and climaxed everywhere. It was amazing! I can’t believe i really did it!!

……………………..just kidding. Aint shit happen. I thought for sure I was about to soak everything. I was really disappointed. It felt great though! The best part is that I recorded myself for Sir. He was happily surprised. I will keep trying, but it probably wont happen until Sir does it to me. Here’s to hoping!


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