Yesterday i was given my first couple of tasks. Let me recap on what they were:

1.masturbate at 745 am on the dot. you may not do it in your car. you must be at work when you do this. text Sir when finished.

2. must touch myself 2xs today, at any time i choose, just not at my lunch break. text Sir when finished.

3. Do not wear any panties

4. record a video of myself using two large toys in various ways

Task number one was easy. I felt great and ready for the day afterwards. It was thrilling to know i was playing with myself at work. I could have easily gotten caught, but i think that’s the most thrilling part.

Task number two was a little more difficult. He wanted me to touch myself while i was busy working. I had to figure out how to not only hide myself from my coworkers, but to simultaneously do it while im utilizing my other hand was interesting. Sir asked me questions about how i liked it. To be honest, it was okay. Again, the thrill of getting caught is what makes it fun.

I dont wear panties so number three was done.

Now, to number four. (Sigh).

Let me just start off by saying i am the absolute worst sub in the world. Everything was a disaster last night. After work, i went to the store to purchase toys. I ended up purchasing, 1 large black dick made out of some rubber (felt like fucking sandpaper in my vagina!) and 1 smaller but still large “latino collection” dildo that bends and feels like real skin (my favorite one). I also bought some lube and an anal plug (per the request of Sir).

I was to wear the plug all night while i was up and about. This was my first experience with an anal plug. It’s so cute. It has a big diamond on the end, so my ass was glistening last night.

Something i left out previously is that Sir gave me permission to sleep with someone else. My instructions were to send the video of myself, then document my experience with the female (yes, i said female). This is not my first rodeo so calm down, I wanted this. Fast forward to when we get home. She was really trying to help me get into the mood. We had music going (Sir didnt like that at all), I had the lube flowing, and i had these two big ass dildos. Now let me give you a heads up because once i tell you this, you’re going to understand why last night went so bad. I haven’t had sex since April!! So just keep that in mind when you see the pictures of these ginormous cocks.

She cleans the toys off for me and i start going to town on sucking on the plastic dicks for dear life. In my head, i have to make this the best video yet. not only am i trying to turn Sir on, but i have a beautiful woman in my presence that i am trying to turn on as well. Sir instructed me to be sloppy and spit everywhere, because thats how he likes it. Let me tell you….my mouth was about as dry as the sahara desert. Normally gagging makes you really want to spit. I tried to gag on the big black cock and i couldnt even get that thing past my throat!! Like seriously, WHY is this dick so fucking big!?? So i tried on the “latino down under” dick. It did the job of getting past my throat, but then i couldnt get past the smell of the material it was made out of. This instantly messed me up. Once my brain is activated and i start noticing little stuff like smells, I immediately get turned off and i lose it. The girl had to remind me to keep spitting and spit more. I just couldnt deliver.

So then i get on the bed and in the most awkward way possible, i start to fuck myself with the monster cock. I felt like a virgin all over again.It was the absolute worst! Looking back at the footage, you can see that pain on my face. i had to use lube because i could not get wet for the life of me.

to be continued


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