My husband and I decided to start our very own Dom/sub relationship. I think I stumbled across a blog one day and couldn’t stop reading. It had me thinking if i could really be a sub to Him. So, one day I brought it up and He was down for it. I still have so much to learn and so much to write about, but I’m just going to jump right in, because I was given my first real task today.

We are currently in a long distance relationship, so we obviously have to find a way to keep things spiced up. We do have kids, so its interesting to keep things away from them and keep our lifestyle on the hush.

So! Last night, Sir (oh yea, i have to call him Sir or Daddy, but i’ll explain that in a later blog) told me he wanted me to make a video for him. Now, i have made a few videos for him, but they always seem to put me on edge. I’m not really comfortable when i do them and i just feel plain old silly. Sir says he does not care, what i feel, it’s for His pleasure.

Well, OKAY then! I’m still trying to get the hang of this sub thing. It is so hard to not be a smart ass.

Anyway, so i have to make this video for him. Sir specifically told me to buy two large toys so that i may use them in the video. The toys are supposed to be bigger than him, so basically i’m fucked, literally. My instructions were explicit in what i have to do in the video, but that’s besides the point. I was given three more tasks for the day.

1.masturbate at 745 am on the dot. you may not do it in your car. you must be at work when you do this. text Sir when finished.

2. must touch myself 2xs today, at any time i choose, just not at my lunch break. text Sir when finished.

3. Do not wear any panties

Sir wants me to touch myself at work….at my desk…..uhm WHAT?! First of all, I work in a cubicle where people are walking by all times of the day. it’s not like i have an office where i can put up at sign that says, “Please knock, freaky friday in session.” I can’t even imagine getting caught! This is so embarrassing. So now i have to figure out how i’m supposed to hide myself from putting it all out there for my peers to see. I feel like a pre-teen, touching myself all day. Is it weird that now i’m thinking about now i have to wash my hands more now?

I told Sir i already dont wear panties so number 3 wont be hard to do.

As for the 745 master session, that was refreshing. i feel energized, surprisingly. i guess Sir knew i needed that.

I will make this video tonight and see how it goes. There are some things that Sir wants me to do to myself that i’m not quite sure my body is physically capable of doing, but the words “No” and “cant” are not allowed in my vocabulary anymore.

So far, i am really diggin this new lifestyle, but i can tell that once we are reunited, im going to be getting spanked, A LOT.

That’s all for now. Wish me luck!


One thought on “9/11/2015…my first time

  1. Seems like you are Sir are embarking on a new level which is always a great thing in relationships. I hope the whole spanking thing works in yah favor of not hey spank his ass😁. I agree a 7:45 orgasm is ALWAYS a plus especially when you give it to yourself. Have fun love.


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